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How do we achieve that great first impression on a job interview?

How do we achieve that great first impression on a job interview?

Job interviews are a crucial step in securing the employment of your dreams. The interview is the opportunity to make a first impression, which is maybe the most crucial aspect of the process. 

As much as the first impression is merely a starting point for getting to know someone, it is also essential, and it often determines whether you will proceed to the next step. 

However,  first impressions are tricky; it can say little about you at times, and 

everything at other instances, and in an interview, it has a high possibility of influencing whether you will have a chance to acquire the job you want. 

And, like many others of our daily activities; job interviews are now done remotely, which means the face-to-face element will be missing, and the quality of your wifi and the professional set up of where you will sit would make the difference. 

Keeping that in mind, here some tips on what you can do to make a good impression during an interview:

1. When attempting to speak about your experience and demonstrate that you possess the skills listed in the criteria, do not speak for an extended period of time; instead, go over the job requirements quickly and effectively, and explain everything briefly if you are familiar with everything.

2. Show effort, by which I mean not dressing too professionally and not too casually. Something in the middle, like a regular shirt, will work just fine.

3. Always be on time, if the interviews are conducted remotely, attempt to log in on time, and if something comes up, try to warn the other person before the appointment that you need to reschedule. There’s nothing wrong with not being able to attend on in case of sudden inconveniences. However, if you don’t warn the interviewer before the interview, you’ll make a very poor impression.

4. Before attending the interview, make sure to read the job description, this will make the application process go more smoothly. The interview does not need to be extensive in order to cover everything; instead, you should focus on a few essential points, demonstrating your knowledge and experience while also demonstrating confidence in your ability to complete the tasks.

5. As crucial as the wage range and key information about the firm are, make sure you are not rushing to make them a priority from the start of the interview; the company’s values and the application process are as important to know. Even if the income is favorable, if you are solely concerned with the salary, you may not notice that you may be dissatisfied with some aspects of the procedure and the job offer itself.

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